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Ballaratfoo Jiggety Jig Feb 2016

February’s Jiggety-Jig Farmers Market is on this Saturday at the Ballarat Showgrounds. This will be Market number 9 for the Jiggety team. Over the past 9 months we have built a local farmers market that is 100% locally made and locally supported. Our Database now has 45 excellent food business listed and at any one market you can come along and meet at least 20 amazing producers and chefs.

We are holding strong and sticking with our ethos “A SUPER MARKET NOT A SUPERMARKET”. At present we have many stallholders in the wings and hope that as The Jiggety-Jig Farmers Market becomes more and more popular we will offer shoppers a larger choice of produce. Our biggest goal is not to bring the market to the people but bringing the people to the market. We have thus far found it challenging cracking into the local scene in order for our local producers to obtain their share of the local food dollars.

This weekend join us and fill your pantry with high quality nutritional sound produce. Here’s a little peek at my shopping list.

Nitrate free ham, bacon, salami and sausages from County Style Smallgoods
Tarna Valley free range pork
Jono's Brookland Farm highland beef

jonoJono from Brooklands Free Range Farm

Ok that’s a roast and two nights cooking on the BBQ, breakfast on the weekends and ham sandwiches for the school lunches.

Of course if I’m cooking breakfast I’ll need some of Robin Hollow’s, Granite Hill free range chook and duck eggs. Granite Hills is in Waubra and will supply not only eggs but this season herbs; oregano, rosemary, mint, thyme, sage, Italian parsley and chives. She’ll also have carrots and sweet little vine ripened cherry tomatoes. That’s got to get the home chefs creating something remarkable.

I’ll be buying sexy Yendon tomatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, eggplants and sensational basil - that’s pesto for pasta night. Tick. Thai basil for curry night Check out the recipe from Damian Jones from Cat fish Thai, his green curry with Brooklands Farm pork recipe.

To finish filling my veg crisper I’ll be heading to my favourite stall holder. The wonderful Carmen from Mt Egerton produce, although Carmen’s veg isn’t certified organic, it’s as organic as you can get. Peter her hard working husband pulls all the veg from the ground the day before the market, while Carmen washes and bunches the produce on the back veranda. I am going to have a little brag on their behalf. I still have perfectly fresh kohlrabi and green beans in my fridge from a month ago. They are sealed in my old school Tupperware and fresher than a daisy. Try getting that mileage from your dodgy supermarket fare! From Carmen’s stall I will add purple carrots, iceberg lettuce, apple cucumber, beans, kohlrabi, peas, cauliflower, cabbage, radish and zucchini. That’s salads tick. Crudity for snacks and stir-fry tick tick.

Wine is high on my list and Sarah Cuthbertson always has a couple of table reds and bubbles put aside for me. Thank god for Michael Unwin!

michael unwin winesSarah from Michael Unwin Wines

Coffee beans freshly ground by the lovely local roasters from Enga coffee. Enga is a sensational organic locally roasted bean. Two types available and for all the health conscious people who are on the sugar-free wagon. You will love this coffee. When brewed correctly this coffee is never bitter and a large bag should keep you going til the next local market. (Also check out Stephs amazing knitting skills.)

I’m not on the sugar-free wagon this month given I ran out of Angela Enbom’s honey, I’ll be grabbing the big bucket this month. I’ve been reading up on how to reduce sugar cravings and honey is the way to go. Ange’s honey is local and her bees are never exposed to pesticides or chemicals on her permaculture holding in Dunnstown.

basilio breadBasilio Sourdough Bread

No one goes to the market and leaves without bread. Yes I’m skiting again but Ballarat has the best bread in Victoria. Giorgio Basilio’s hand crafted sourdough bread is out of this world. I only eat this bread. It is made from stoneground biodynamic flour, no sugar, no preservatives, each loaf is individually weighed, hand rolled, shaped and left to rise under the watchful eye of Giorgio himself. To bring this incredible high quality bread to our region Giorgio works every Friday from 10am to 3am. He then heads home for a kip while his bread elves label the loaves and pack them in crates. He returns with his wonderful family early every Saturday morning, delivers the bread throughout the region and brings his bread directly to us at all the local farmers markets. I often wonder how he can manage his rye (pardon the pun) smile on a Saturday morning.

So what am I going to pop on my bread? Apart from Sebastian’s ham and salami and Johns tomatoes and Ange’s honey? Yep I’m going to need sensational jam.

preserverspot girlsMel and her Mum from the Preserver's Pot

Mel from The Preserver’s Pot will be ticking that box. In fact it’s always a thrill cruising over to check out her seasonal preserves. I’m banking on apricots, berry and summer rhubarb conserves. Mel Davies uses age old preserving techniques in her home kitchen at Smythesdale. Mel will have created something amazing with all the locally foraged elderberries and I am always the first person to call dibs on her big 2 litre homemade tomato sauce bottle. White Wings has been a thing of the past in our house for a long time now and any Mum who wants to keep their kids away from preservatives, additives and the dirty white stuff should be queuing up to get their hands on this kid friendly tommy K .

Harmony Garlic is on the list and I will be buying up big time as Brian and Helen have so many amazing varieties of locally grown garlic, they not only have fresh garlic but garlic salt, garlic infused olive oil, confit and smoked garlic.

Harmony GarlicBrian from Harmony Garlic

Guess what after all that I’ll still have enough money for some treats. And I won’t be distracted by all the blah blah crap that vies for my attention at the super stores. Pink Muesli is attending Jiggety-Jig for the first time. Sensational handmade muesli that is soaked in naturally sweet beetroot juice and then dried. My kids love this and it is the number one breakfast at our place. The milk turns bright pink as soon as you pour it in and I’m sure the kids think they are eating magical fairy milk. A large bag lasts us a good three weeks and I know my kids have headed off with a great start to the day.

Marie Poppies KitchenMarie from Poppie Kitchen

More treats to be had for the puppy dogs in your family. Poppy’s kitchen homemade organic dog treats are available by the pail load and from the response of local pooches these treat must be pretty damn good. Marie is a wonderful addition to Jiggety and loves to share stories of her puppy and listens to the adventures of all our customers. In March we are planning to hold our first Pet Show. Doggies and pampered pups can vie for the Jiggety trophy and perhaps win a bucket of Poppies treats.

 Ballaratfood Esthers EatsMelanie & Jeff from Esther's Eats

Our hungry guests can look forward to the amazing American classics like the Piggy Wiggy hoagies Texas BLT and the pulled chicken with blue cheese dressing and slaw. Not to forget the garbage cookies and best pickles in town, made by my favourite food van Esther’s Eats. Coffee and sweet treats this month by Sweet Cake Love, served from the retro classic caravan Frankie. Dutch crepes by Kevin the pancake man who also makes one hell of a snow cone. And rest your feet while you dine in my new look outdoor food court, yep bunting, flowers for sale, colouring in for the kids, hula hoops, bubble blowing and even a silky bantam rooster to be won.

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The last market for Spring this year was a bumper showcase of beautiful fresh local produce and what started as a cold, windy and overcast morning turned into a beautiful sunny day and people came from far and wide to taste some authentic local fare.

The stars of the show were the Eat Ballarat inspired gourmet creations of Georgio Basilio and Sebastian Jurcan. We were so excited when Georgio first shared with us his plans to create a roasted potato sourdough loaf for the event. Likewise Sebastian from Country Style Smallgoods using Saltbush Kitchen’s native pepperberry spice in a gourmet sausage creation to compliment Suzi Fitzpatrick’s onion thyme jus (gravy) and the crusty potato sourdough.

Interest in this tasty collaboration took us by surprise, only last week it was still an idea. Made swiftly by experienced makers using the freshest ingredients the night before they launched to the public.

Saturday morning crates of oven warm roast potato sourdough were delivered to the Ballarat Showgrounds pavilion and the sausages arrived in the back of the Country Style Smallgoods refrigerated trailer. Minutes after their arrival the snags were sizzling and the loaves were being snapped up whole by locals before we could get them sliced to serve with the sausages.

It was a sizzling sausage serving marathon, over three hours until we ran out of product, just after midday. It was at this moment I thought, “Drat!” I did not even get a chance to take a photograph of this tasty sensation that tempted people from far and wide.

Perhaps the roasted potato sourdough and pepperberry banger with onion thyme gravy will be remembered only by those who were there, who took the time to come and support our little foodie experiment. It’s enough to get us thinking about the December 19th Jiggety-Jig Farmer’s Market.

We are already brainstorming the next localised dish we can collaborate with producers to have ready for our Ballarat foodies next month. It will be the first market for summer a week before Christmas, it’s going to be tasty.

We welcome suggestions in the comments below about what you think would be a great food idea for the next Jiggety, we’re open to ideas as long as it’s fresh and local. Thankyou to everyone who has supported the Jiggety- Jig, it's a regular tribute to the amazing food in our area made possible by the people supporting Ballaratfood. 




mel preserverspot



jono brooklands



Save the Date Jiggety -Jig Saturday December 19th 9am-1pm at the Ballarat Showgrounds.

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ballaratfood jiggety gang

The Ballarat Food Jiggety Jig Farmers market began in June 2015. Held on the third Saturday of every month at the Ballarat Showgrounds, in the Cattle Pavilion, Creswick Road entrance. The impetus to create this regular monthly market was twofold, to offer an outlet for local producers to sell their quality produce in the community where it is grown and produced and to give local families the chance to access some of the very best quality fresh produce at reasonable prices.

Ballarat families want to know more about the food they eat. Eating habits are changing across the country. Sales of processed, prepackaged foods are declining, sales of soft drink are falling. A lot of us are seeking more nutritionally balanced diets and we’re looking for fresh local, seasonal produce to make more tasty family meals from scratch. In doing this we are becoming more connected with our community.

The Jiggety-Jig Saturday November 21st is a part of the Good Food Ballarat Festival, a showcase of our region’s best quality produce. It’s all about the food. The local producers include; Basilio Sourdough, Goldfields Farmhouse Cheese, Country Style Smallgoods, Tarna Valley Pork, Brooklands Free Range Farm, Enbom Honey, Yendon Tomatoes, The Gardenologist’s herbs and seedlings, The Preserver’s Pot, Mt Egerton Vegetable Produce, The Pomegranate Tree gourmet cordials, Granate Hills Produce duck eggs, chicken eggs and vegetables, Drewslie Muesli and biscuits, Enga Coffee, Red Rock Olives, Bean Me Up Coffee, Sultana Girl sultanas and oranges, Truffleberry Farm truffles and eggs, Michael Unwin Wines, Cornish Cream Fudge, Chaplin Apples, Sweet Cake Love, Kittelty’s Cakes, Tea Harvest and Fresh Flowers.

ballaratfood GFB

To celebrate Good Food Ballarat Month we will be serving a tasty gourmet treat that will perfectly reflect the favourite flavours of Ballarat. Based on two key ingredients that are a perenial Ballarat favourite, potatoes and sausages.

We briefed local artisans Georgio Basilio from Basilio Sourdough and Sebastian Jurcan from Country Style Smallgoods to create a unique Ballarat variation of the humble sausage in bread. Inspired by Ballarat’s produce icon the potato, Georgio will be baking fresh potato sourdough loaves for the base. To a thick and crusty slice of Georgio’s potato bread we will add a gourmet pepperberry pork sausage made by Sebastian.

Inspired by the unique native flavours of Saltbush Kitchen’s most popular pepperberry spice mix, he will add this to his secret family recipe along with fresh free range pork from Tarna Valley to create succulent (nitrate and preservative free) sausages. Topped with onions caramelised in a thyme jus, or as we prefer to call it in Ballarat - gravy, made by our very own Ballarat chef Suzi Fitzpatrick. We are so excited to showcase traditional Ballarat fare infused with fresh native flavours, made from quality produce ethically grown in Ballarat. For $5 we think this will be a very tasty lunch for locals.

We will also be serving smaller Country Style Smallgoods chipolatas in slices of Basilio traditional sourdough bread with The Preserver’s Pot tomato sauce for $2. Guaranteed to please the kids and completely free of preservatives and nitrates. Come along to Jiggety-Jig check out the variety of great tasting food being made and grown in our own local food bowl. Meet the producers and find out why Jiggety-Jig is shopped by Ballarat’s best chefs. The quality is top notch and you will be surprised at how affordable it is to buy fresh local food. The event kicks off at 9am and entry is free.

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The August Jiggety-Jig market, the final one for winter 2015 was good for us all. We had more new stall holders and a great show of support in the from of fresh food shoppers. I am always impressed when hanging up our jiggety shingles at ten to nine in the morning to see people already arriving baskets in hand to support their favourite local producers. It makes me smile and I am sure it makes our producers smile. 

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At the closing on the first Jiggety Jig Indoor Farmers Market an official manoeuvre was executed the Piggity Jig, with fingers bent like little pig ears on our head and feet shuffling back and forth we all raised our chins and chuckled. Success! And even better, the atmosphere! Our first event was brilliant.
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It was a busy few weeks leading up to our very first Ballarat Food Jiggety Jig Indoor Farmers Market and we are thrilled that the local community came out in droves, on such a brisk winter morning in Ballarat, to show support for our local producers. Our resilient stall holders were pleased to be able to offer their fare in a sheltered setting on what turned out be the coldest morning so far this winter.

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To market, to market, to buy a fat pig. 
Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.
To market, to market, to buy a fat hog.
Home again, home again, jiggety-jog.
To market, to market, to buy a plum bun.
Home again, home again, market is done.

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I have been following the progress of The Creswick market for some time. I am told the market has been in existence for eleven or so years and as of late it has truly blossomed into a great way to start your weekend.

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