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ballaratfood kfs buttermilk pancakesButtermilk pancakes, roasted Granny Smith apple, gingered maple, ANZAC crumble and marscarpone. 

The colourful foodie creations of Knife Fork Spoon first came to my attention last year on instagram, then again in November as a part of the Good Food Ballarat Month with a sweet evening event, Dessert after dark. It soon became my mission to find out more about the newly rebranded cafe Knife From Spoon, many may previously recall as the Harvest Foodstore and Cafe, located at 16 Lydiard Street Ballarat.

ballaratfood kylee laird churchKylee Laird-Church chef and owner of Knife Fork Spoon.

Kylee Laird-Church the chef owner of Knife Fork Spoon has an extensive culinary background. She commenced her chef training as a seventeen year old at the Mayfair Crest Hotel in Brisbane, she was one of two females in a brigade of one hundred. After developing her skills in Queensland Kylee relocated to Melbourne in 2000. She was completely ‘shell shocked’ at the amount and variety of fresh produce available in Victoria compared to Queensland, where most fresh produce (if you could call it that) came via Melbourne and two weeks of every year inaccessible roads ceased the supply of any fresh produce at all.

After six years in Melbourne Kylee headed north again to start her own cafe and catering businesses Betty Blue and a second business Lemon Tart. After a hectic decade of running two highly successful enterprises and raising small children Kylee and her husband have relocated their family to Ballarat and Knife Fork and Spoon came to life. Kylee and her family are loving their move to Ballarat. Stating, “I like the fact my kids get to see where our food comes from.” 

ballaratfood knifeforkspoonKnife Fork Spoon Kitchen & Espresso, 16 Lydiard Street Ballarat.

Six months on knife Fork Spoon is a hub of foodie activity. The tables are busy, so much so Kylee is planning to expand the layout to keep up with demand. The cafe attracts a mixed assortment of customers from locals to tourists who have already made it a destination on their itinerary due to the word of mouth spreading the message that this place offers unique and tasty dishes.

Kylee is always coming up with new combinations of flavours and ingredients to serve to her growing fan base. The menu at Knife Fork Spoon changes every month to cater for the local seasonal produce and as an outlet for Kylee’s creative output. Kyle is constantly thinking up new food combinations, she documents her ideas on Post-it notes then experiments to refine them for the public. I asked Kylie where she finds inspirations for some of the dishes and she is quick to respond that many creations start as a challenge for her husband. “He likes all sorts of weird combinations.” She is yet to create a dish he didn’t like.

ballaratfood kfs gingerbreadmanKnife fork Spoon gingerbread man.

Knife Fork Spoon caters to sweet and savoury fans. Some of the items on the latest menu include some classic dishes with some quirky twists:
Baby Peas - Spiced avocado, mint, Danish feta, soft poached egg, olive sourdough and caponata oil.
Cheesy Toast - Crispy bacon, smashed banana, fried eggs, sweet chilli agile and sour cream.
Pulled Pork - Apple slaw, coriander fried egg, pineapple and lime salsa, ciabatta and salted peanuts.
Smoked salmon - herb scramble, rye sourdough, lemon cream cheese, flying fish roe and fried capers.

ballaratfood kns ceasersalad
Caeser Eggs - bacon, spinach, soft poached, toast, Caeser aoli and shaved parmesan.

There’s an entire menu board of milkshakes, salted caramel, peanut butter and chocolate, oreo, white chocolate and raspberry, nutella, peppermint chic chip, and it’s changing regularly.

ballaratfood kfs insta
#knifeforkspoonkitchen on instagram or facebook to find out what amazing fare Kylee has on offer.

2016 is set to be a busy year for Kylee and her husband. As they expand the floorspace in Knife Fork Spoon to cater for the growing base of regulars, Kylee will continue to do what she does best coming up with new menu additions on a regular basis. She also has plans underway to offer coffee and cakes via an enchanted caravan fleet. Her husband is currently managing the logistics of fitting out two caravans Belmont and Clementine the first additions to the fleet for early this year. Stay tuned Ballarat.

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In 2013 the Ballarat food scene certainly heated up. What a wonderful selection of fine places we have here in Ballarat and surrounding regions, with another six or so venues opening up early in 2014 we certainly are on a culinary journey and I look forward to adding many food adventures to your to do lists in 2014.

The Restaurant of the year is of course Catfish Thai. We waited till late in September, nearly a whole year without Damian Jones in the mix. I’m glad it took so long as this restaurant is blowing people away all over Australia, not just us locals. A few weeks ago I spoke to the former hostess of Melbourne’s Longrain, the first thing she asked me was, ”What’s this new Thai place in Ballarat everybody is talking about?"  

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