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KATRINE TAYLOR WHAT’S YOUR THING? Good food, it makes me happy.

LOCATION: 4/403 Warrenheip Street Buninyong, Vic 335
HOURS: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm & Sat 8am-1pm
PHONE: 5341 2208


Katrine Taylor has always wanted her own cafe, so with young children she started off with a coffee van instead. She has since made the transition to her own cafe located in Buninyong. The opportunity came in May 2016 when the cafe formerly known as the Figleaf in Warrenheip Street became available for sale. Katrine was born in Buninyong and returned to live there with her family over three years ago, the cafe was perfect for her vision of Maggie & Kate.

The name Maggie and Kate is a reference to Katrine and her Mum and treasured memories of learning to bake. Maggie & Kate is a sweet little cafe where you will be served fabulous coffee and fresh baked classics such as yo yos, jam drops, shortbread, slices, biscuits, muffins and cakes all made on the premises. Maggie & Kate also serve a tasty range of breakfasts and lunches featuring local, quality produce.

Katrine Shopfront

In the first few months Katrine made many subtle changes to the decor, spending weekends painting, introducing new lighting, chairs and signage. She has a busy stream of customers ordering coffee, snacks, breakfast and lunch to go, and many more are now taking time to sit down and enjoy the fresh flavours in a cosy, comfortable setting.

Katrine has introduced a menu with a style of food she has always wanted to offer. Baking in house traditional recipes from her Mum and Grandmother. It’s the place you can go to to enjoy great coffee and cake at a reasonable price.
Katrine’s introducing lot’s of new baked classics along with her staples to cater for her regular customers. Her goal is to make everything fresh in house.

Muesli Square

Katrine’s baking inspiration comes from her treasured collection of cookbooks, she inherited a portion of her grandmother’s and all of her mothers. It was from these Katrine developed her love of baking and is encouraging her kids to use them as she did when she was younger.

Breakfast Muffin

Katrine values quality local produce and uses the best at Maggie & Kate including Basilio Sourdough, Inglenook Milk, Country Style Smallgoods ham, bacon and salami, eggs from Idyll Farm, Warnambool Cheese and Grounded Pleasures fine drinking chocolate assortments.

Drinks Menu

Without hesitation Katrine loves butter and good eggs.
Her favourite comfort treat is a Maggie & Kates ham and cheese toastie, with thick cut Basilio Hi Top slices, Warnambool Cheese and Sebastian’s ham.


Katrine admits she loves her coffee strong paired with Inglenook milk. They do a bustling trade in Allpress Coffee, who are based in Collingwood. They supply excellent fresh coffee and Katrine and her staff have all been trained at Allpress to ensure they have mastered the craft of serving excellent coffee.
Given their busy trade of early morning Geelong commuters every morning they must be adept baristas.

Allpress Coffee

Katrine loves the pizzas from Trevor’s Pizza a few doors down from Maggie & Kate in Warrenheip Street Buninyong and dines at Meigas Spanish Restaurant in Armstrong street Ballarat as often as she can, referring to Jose’s food as ‘Amazing!’.

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Glenda Maes

GLENDA MAES WHAT’S YOUR THING? Seasonal fruit cordials.

PHONE: 0431 602 631



Pomegranate logo


Glenda Maes has an extensive background in food. She is a food and technology teacher, co-author of 5 editions of Food, People & Technology for secondary schools, has worked as a catering officer at the Alfred Hospital, as a free lance home economist and a food demonstrator at the Prahran Market. Creating her own business The Pomegranate Tree was a wonderful happenstance, the result of an abundance of lemons a few years ago. Glenda’s lemon trees were loaded and she was determined to make something delicious. Glenda the food technologist researched and refined her recipe until she came up with a delightful lemon cordial. This was the beginning of Glenda’s quest to experiment with new seasonal flavour combinations to create a range of seriously exotic cordial flavours.

In 2013 Glenda made bottles of lemon, orange and raspberry cordial as gifts for guests at her daughter’s wedding and received overwhelming feedback that she should sell them. By now realising she needed to create a business The Pomegranate Tree was born, the inspiration to name her business was a dedication to the memory of Glenda’s mother in law, Iris Davis who had a grand old pomegranate tree on her property in Dimboola, the tree that introduced Glenda to the wonders of the pomegranate fruit. Glenda's son Nathan Davis a graphic designer, created The Pomegrante Tree branding, packaging and website. So elegant and contemporary.

Three years on Glenda has developed a range of seasonal cordials made from exotic blends of spices and local fruits, flowers and herbs. She picks as much of her ingredients as she can and is often out foraging with fellow minded foodies in the Ballarat area. What Glenda can’t pick herself or obtain from gifted bounties from friends, she sources from local quality growers such as Yendon Tomatoes for basil and strawberries, Buninyong Blueberry Farm for blueberries and Wilsons for quality fruit assortments. She also has a secret local berry grower who supplies her with raspberries, boysenberries and loganberries.

Pomegranate Tree Colection 1

Pomegranate Tree Colection 2


Constantly experimenting with new flavours. Glenda’s background in food technology has armed her with the knowledge and skills to blend interesting new flavours such as Lime & Black Pepper and Blueberry & Cinnamon. Her curiosity to blend new combinations has also resulted in some strange results, a Peach Melba blend with peaches and raspberries did not turn out to her satisfaction, nor did her blend of Cumquat & Ginger. Her latest cordial flavour for this year, Tangello, Lime & Ginger passes with flying colours.


Glenda’s inspiration to take up teaching food technology was her school teacher during 1968-70 at Sebastopol College, Cathy McCallum, nee Nicholls. Many years later they would teach together at Boronia Heights College and remain lifelong friends. Glenda, originally from Ballarat spent the majority of her working career in Melbourne, she returned to Ballarat in 2009 after 34 years and is an inspiration to the Ballarat Food community. Glenda loves people, when she’s not experimenting with flavours, she’s teaching students in Ballarat about food and she’s also a celebrant for weddings and funerals.

pomegranate soda


Glenda’s favourite flavours are Grapefruit & Passionfruit and Lime & Black Pepper mixed with soda water and sometimes with a splash of vodka. Glenda has designed her range of cordials for special occasions, they are delicious with cocktails and perfect for non alcoholic drinkers. She also uses her cordials in marinades and salad dressings with vinegar to add interesting flavours to her dishes.

Cordial Collection 1



Cordial Collection 2


Kitteltey’s at the Gallery in Lydiard Street, The Turret in Sturt Street and Saltbush Kitchen at M.A.D.E 102 Stawell Street Ballarat.


The Creswick Artisan Market, held on the first Saturday of every month 9am - 2pm Creswick RSL Hall, 60 Albert Street, Creswick.
The Ballan Farmers Market, held on the second Saturday of every month 9am-1pm The Mill Cottage, 96 Inglis Street Ballan.
The Lal Lal Festival 30th October 2016.

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Ballaratfood Georgio Basilio


PHONE: 0457 347 185



Basilio logo




Basilio Giant Loaf


Georgio Basilio, born in Italy, a classically trained chef has worked in restaurants in Italy, France, Switzerland England and Australia. 25 years on Georgio began his quest to perfect the art of sourdough at Redbeard Bakery in Trentham where he became senior baker. 

In 2010, driven by the lack of real bread available in the area, Georgio brought his traditional bread making skills to Ballarat, establishing Basilio Sourdough. Six years on Georgio has set the standard for quality sourdough in Australia. He uses organic and biodynamic produce where possible and supports our local producers using their best quality ingredients. What Georgio creates is a variety of sourdough loaves like no other available in the region, all of his loaves are hand made using time honoured methods he has learned and skills he has honed since embarking on his artful process.

Basilio SourDough


Georgio is still doing things as he has from the beginning, the method is still the same, although he does concede his skills have improved over the years. "Time is the essence." He delivers an exceptional range of sourdough products and also manages to create new and interesting varieties depending on the season and impulse.

Georgio bakes for delivery on three days a week Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. He takes the entire week's orders every Saturday, cutoff 5pm, to ensure he can produce every loaf for the time the process requires.


Georgio has no favourites, and fair enough, when they are all so good who can choose one? He does admit to being partial like to a rye sourdough toastie with corned beef, sauerkraut, gruyere, mustard and pickles.



Basilio Range


Wholemeal 750g



  • Organic Wheat Flour
  • Organic Stoneground Wheat Flour
  • Biodynamic Stoneground Wholegrain Rye Flour
  • Filtered Water
  • Natural Pink Lake Salt
  • Natural Leaven (Flour and Water)
  • Sesame Seeds


HI TIN 1kg

Hi Tin 1kg



  • Wheat Flour
  • Organic Stoneground Wheat Flour
  • Filtered Water
  • Natural Pink Lake Salt
  • Natural Leaven (Flour and Water)
  • May contain traces of nuts and seeds



Batard 650g



  • Organic Wheat Flour
  • Organic Stoneground Wheat Flour
  • Biodynamic Stoneground Wholegrain Rye Flour
  • Filtered Water, Natural Pink Lake Salt
  • Natural Leaven (Flour and Water)



Rye 800g



  • Biodynamic Stoneground Wholegrain Rye Flour
  • Filtered Water
  • Natural Pink lake Salt
  • Natural Leaven (Flour and Water)



Ciabatta 550g



  • Organic Wheat Flour
  • Organic Stoneground Wheat Flour
  • Filtered Water
  • Natural Pink Lake Salt
  • Natural Leaven (Flour and Water)
  • May contain traces of nuts and seeds



Olive Ciabatta 550g



  • Organic and Biodynamic Sifted Wheat Flour
  • Organic semolina
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Pink Lake Salt
  • Filtered Water
  • Organic Kalamata Olives
  • Garlic
  • Thyme



Grain & Seeds 650g



  • Organic Wheat Flour
  • Organic Stoneground Wheat Flour
  • Biodynamic Stoneground Wholegrain Rye Flour
  • Filtered Water, Natural Pink Lake Salt
  • Natural Leaven (Flour and Water)
  • Linseeds
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Sprouted Rye Grain
  • Sprouted Wheat Grain
  • May contain traces of nuts and seeds



Fruit & Spice 700g



  • Organic Wheat Flour
  • Organic Stoneground Wheat Flour
  • Filtered Water, Natural Pink Lake Salt
  • Natural Leaven (Flour and Water)
  • Sun Muscats
  • Sultanas
  • Currants
  • Apricots
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Cloves
  • Ginger
  • May contain traces of nuts and seeds



Bread lovers across the region can buy Basilio Sourdough from a variety of outlets.

MARKETS: The Lakeside Farmers Markets in the second and fourth Saturday of each month, Creswick Market on the third Saturday of each month and Saltbush Sundays at Saltbush Kitchen at M.A.D.E every Sunday.

Basilio Market Bread Basket

Ballarat: Campana's Stockade cellar, Cnr Mair & Armstrong Streets, Kittelty's At The Gallery Lydiard Street, Ryan's IGA Cnr Sturt & Pleasant Streets, and Wilsons, Coltmans Plaza Lucas.
Buninyong: Foodworks 310 Learmonth Street and Espresso Depot 315 Learmonth Street.
Creswick: Goldfields Farmhouse Cheese 71a Albert Street.
Clunes: The Clunes Greengrocer, 46 Fraser Street.
Daylesford: Tonna Fruit and Vegetables, 141 Vincent Street.

Basilio Porridge Loaf


The Unicorn 127 Sturt Street, Red Peppa 34 Sturt Street Ballarat
Vegas & Rose 96 Humffray Street North, Oscar's Hotel 18 Doveton Street South Ballarat
Open Pantry 22 Main Road Ballarat
Golden Point Cafe 611 Main Road Ballarat
North Ballarat Sports Club Creswick Road Ballarat
Ballarat Provedore 9379 Western Highway Warrenheip
Quality Inn: The Menzies Humffray Street Ballarat
Saltbush Kitchen 102 Stawell Street Ballarat
Kittelty's At The Gallery Lydiard Street Ballarat
Maggie & Kate 4/403 Warrenheip Street Buninyong
Red Nonna 3 Howe Street Daylesford
Blue Bean love 115 Main Road Daylesford
321 Learmonth 321 High Street Learmonth
Belvedere Social 82 Vincent Street Daylesford
Bread & Circus Provedore 53 Fraser Street Clunes
Frank & Connie's Main Street Hepburn Springs

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Grounded Pleasures Ballarat FoodGrounded Pleasures Pure Drinking Chocolate pleasure

As winter comes to a close and the days brighten and draw longer we look back at what seemed like an especially cold and wet winter in Ballarat. Although we may have been hibernating for a good portion of the season there were some tasty developments taking place in the Ballarat Food scene.

Basilio Sourdough bread is now available from Ryans Pleasant Park IGA supermarket. We are so excited for Georgio and his team who are now supplying fresh baked authentic sourdough to the supermarket located on the corner of Sturt and Pleasant Streets. I have posted about the world of cheese available at this fantastic supermarket. Now they have my favourite bread to go with all the cheese. Basilio is currently delivering Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but be warned. Be early! I have been delighted and frustrated in equal measures, that bread moves fast.

Basilio IGA Ballarat FoodBasilio Sourdough now available at Ryans Pleasant Park IGA

Do not stress. The much lauded crunchy and substantial sourdough is also regularly available from Campana’s Stockade Cellars on the corner of Mair & Armstrong Streets, Kittelty’s at the Ballarat Art Gallery, Saltbush Sundays (Sundays at saltbush Kitchen at M.A.D.E.), Wilsons in Lucas and local fresh produce markets on a Saturday.

Farmgate Produce Basket CornucopiaSaltbush Sundays local farmgate produce 

For those of us who find it hard to make it to a farmers market on a Saturday you can get an assortment of local fresh produce between 9:30am and 4pm at Salt Bush Sundays, including Basilio, Yendon Tomatoes, Ballarat Mushrooms and Spring Creek Organic vegetables.

Country Style Smallgoods is now available from Saltbush Kitchen at M.A.D.E. Brigid is stocking Sebastian’s best selling sliced bacon, ham and sausages for you to buy seven days a week. You can also order from the complete Country Style Smallgoods catalogue of exotic cured pieces and salamis online for pick up on Sundays at Saltbush Kitchen at M.A.D.E.

Country Style Sausages Ballarat Food
Country Style Smallgoods Sausages

This winter I finally met some of Ballarat’s social media foodies. Such a fun and diverse group of people who enjoy the great food in our region. Based on our mutual interest we have decided meet up on a semi regular basis to sample some of the excellent food Ballarat has to offer. We kicked off at Saltbush Kitchen at M.A.D.E. where Brigid Corcoran took us on a tasty afternoon adventure with her delicious Bush Food Spices. You can check out on Brigid’s Bush spice range on her new website.

Balarat Foodies
Ballarat Foodies

We (The Ballarat Foodies ) followed up a few weeks later with a chocolicious afternoon at Kittelty’s sampling the decadent range from Grounded Pleasures. A huge thank you to Sophie and Craig McKenzie and Sara Kittelty for an educational afternoon that my tastebuds will never forget.

Grounded Pleasures Choc Cake Kitteltys
Sarah Kittelty's Grounded Pleasures chocolate and almond cake 

More winter highlights? The now entrenched flurry of gourmet pies being debuted each winter vying for Coopers Pie and Pale competition prize. This year awarded to the Mallow’s entry a Coopers stout slow braised beef and mustard pie served with stomp mash and apple witlof slaw.

Meigas Croquettes Ballarat Food
Meigas blood sausage croquettes

Armstrong Street has become the go to precinct for a quick and tasty repast. For my hearty winter fix I have been frequenting Meigas in the evenings for their sizzling garlic prawns and blood sausage croquettes with a glass of Spanish red. Whilst on a cold Ballarat day I find it hard to resist a warming bowl of dumpling soup at Saigon Vietnam Noodle House. If I am extra hungry I order a giant bowl of chicken pho.

Dumplng Soup Ballarat FoodSaigon Vietnam Noodle House dumpling soup 

A few new spots popping up this winter include The Local Cafe in Lydiard Street North, Il Piccolo Gelato in Sturt Street, Zambrero: Mexican with a Mission in Armstrong Street, High Tea and Jazz at Alexandria Tearooms is one to pop in the calendar and Ballarat’s latest addition Holy Smokes BBQ opening today in Sturt Street.

What Ballarat food have you been loving this winter?

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MasterChef Apply Now

Casting is underway for the next series of MasterChef Australia and we're helping to spread the word around Ballarat that applications are open!

Sometimes all it takes for someone to take the leap to apply is a word of encouragement from a friend or a colleague. The casting team of MasterChef Australia would absolutely love to have more contestants from the Ballarat region. They are aware the region is a fast developing foodie hub.

Could you or someone you know be Australia’s next MasterChef?


Take a step towards your food dream!

Apply now and begin a life-changing journey

Applications Close: Friday 5th August 2016

MasterChef is a once in a life time experience, a window of opportunity not to be missed. You'll not only meet amazing people but also learn so much in such an incredibly short time if you love food and are passionate about food, apply now! You won't regret it. Reynold Poernomo (Season 7), KOI Dessert Bar

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SS June 26 Insta

People of Ballarat did you know that there’s a great place you can go to any time of the year seven days a week to enjoy a quiet moment or catch up with friends to enjoy great coffee and the most delicious food?

I’m talking about Saltbush Kitchen at M.A.D.E. Brigid Corcoran the creative dynamo behind Saltbush Kitchen has cultivated a truly unique offering of native bush flavoured food that is so good it’s attracting a lot of attention in Ballarat. Saltbush Kitchen is conveniently set in between the lush parkland of the Eureka gardens and the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (aka M.A.D.E). It’s a tranquil spot with lots of natural light and space for the kids to with the playground and park all in viewing distance.

A growing number of Ballarat locals are discovering the good things going on at this unique cafe. Brigid is passionate about supporting quality local produce. She always has been. That’s why Saltbush Sundays is now a thing. Every Sunday you can come along and enjoy all the usual tasty menu offerings for breakfast, lunch, the freshly made cakes on offer or a local platter with a glass of wine. You can also pick up some local fresh produce farm gate style, including Basilio Sourdough, Yendon gourmet tomatoes, Ballarat mushrooms, Buninyong bush greens and Spring Creek Organics. If you place your order before 8pm on the previous Friday you can also pick up Country Style Smallgoods bacon, ham, sausages and salamis.

This Sunday 26 June Luke from Amherst Winery and Sebastian from Country Style Smallgoods will be offering tastings of wine and bbq cooked sausages and bacon between 11am and 2pm.


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ballaratfood jigisup

Dear lovers of local produce,

We wish to tell you all that the Jiggety Jig market will not continue in it’s current form. We have had a lot of good times over the last 12 months .

We have had some spectacular events and some low key ones. We have had the pleasure of showcasing a lot of the best produce being grown and produced in the region for a year. We have gained a following of locals who know the benefits of Ballarat’s fresh local produce. With sadness we will not be able to offer you the goods you have come to expect on the third Saturday of the month.

Jiggety-Jig relies on people coming to buy what our producers make. Producers spend their day at the market after they spend a week preparing. If they are unable to sell enough produce to the people of Ballarat they have to go elsewhere to sell it. That’s the reality. 

So to all our loyal Jiggers and producers we wish to say “Watch this space”. We are currently re-jigging the format of our fresh market food hub. You will not find us at the Showgrounds every third Saturday as of June 2016 but you will soon find us again rest assured. We will be back in a format that this regional town can support. As a community we owe it to the producers to show that we do care where our food comes from.

We are “morphing the jig” and we will be back. We hope to be in a position to announce the new jig adventures to you all soon.

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Ballaratfood Dairy Cow

We need to talk about what we eat. How it’s produced, where and why. We bang on about it all the time “Support local food.” Why do we do this? Our health and livelihoods depend on it.

In the past few weeks the future of our dairy farmers have been cast in doubt as they face drastic cuts in milk payments. A variety of factors impacting current market conditions have been quoted as reasons why the previous milk prices are now deemed unacceptable. It will force many farmers out of the industry. 

There’s not a lot you can buy with $2 today, but you can buy 2 litres of milk for $2 at a couple of major supermarket chains. Dairy farmers are telling us it costs more than that to produce it. Seems reasonable to me, it’s a lot of product for $2. 

I’d rather pay more for my milk than see our dairy farmers go out of business. Supermarkets have decided to use milk as a loss leader in order to obtain market share from their competitors. Supermarket executives might not deem where and how milk is produced as a matter of concern but I do. So I’d rather pay a bit more for my milk. 

When you think about all the processed food products for sale in a standard supermarket, hundreds if not thousands of them, few retail for under $2. If you think you can’t afford to pay more for milk perhaps have a look at what else is in your basket, maybe you could sacrifice a pack of biscuits to support a dairy farmer.

We have been receiving messages from people asking how they can support local dairy farmers and what could they do to help the dairy farmer's current plight. A few things actually.

Rachel Peterkin from Inglenook Dairy sums it up perfectly. We just need people to support local! Not just their milk purchases for home but also support local cafes, eateries, suppliers and markets that are passionate about local produce and care about what they serve their customers and the local food trail.

For anyone interested in trying the delicious Inglenook Dairy milk and cream and supporting a great local dairy producer we will be taking orders from now until 11am Saturday 21st May. You can pick up your Inglenook orders from the Jiggety-Jig Farmers Market this Saturday between 10am and 1pm. You can text your order through on  0407 054 224 or leave your order in the comments below.

ballaratfood milk prices may 2016

You can also sign the petition Barnaby Joyce: dairy farmers like my family are being destroyed - please step in urgently, on, by Chloe Scott. Currently the petition has over 120,000 signatures.

If you have more ideas about how we can support our local producers, feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below. Its an important discussion we need to have and sharing our ideas helps us to make informed choices about our health and well being.  

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Jodie Kaine
Hi Kristie. You certainly can your order is confirmed. See you tomorrow at the Jiggety-Jig.
Friday, 20 May 2016 14:53
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This month we celebrated Taste Ballarat 2016 at the Rural Lifestyle Expo at the Ballarat Showgrounds. It was a day some of the finest producers of the region came together to show the quality produce this region has to offer. For the winners of the Artisan Pantry and Paddock to Plate 2016 awards check out this blogpost.

As Suzi and I strolled through the Taste Ballarat Marquee we were thrilled to see so many regular Jiggety-Jig Farmers Market stall holders. We were chuffed. We created the Jiggety-Jig to offer the freshest, highest quality local food produced in our region to the people of Ballarat every third Saturday of the month. It was the only weekend of the month that producers were unable to sell their fresh produce to the town.

This Saturday is our 11th Jiggety-Jig Farmers Market. We have a band of regular stallholders who faithfully come to the Showgrounds to provide their tasty awesomeness to a loyal base of locals who appreciate the effort it takes to deliver truly good fresh food as an alternative to the industrial supermarket food options.

Thank you to everyone who has come along to buy some excellent food and for anyone who is yet to check out the Jiggety-Jig here’s a few of our regular producers who are making food that you need to eat.

Ballaratfood Pauline Basilio
Pauline Basilio and her lovely daughter.

Basilio Sourdough is a traditional sourdough bakery based in Ballarat run by master bread maker Georgio Basilio and his wife Pauline. Georgio, winner of 2016 Ballarat Food Artisan Pantry award uses traditional time intensive techniques to create REAL sourdough in a variety of loaves including high tin, ciabatta, wholemeal, wholegrain, batard, olive bread and fruit loaf. Baked fresh and delivered to the Jiggety-Jig still warm, you would be well advised to buy a couple of loaves as it will keep well all week.

Ballaratfood Nat and Jono Brooklands Freerange
Nat & Jono from Brooklands Freerange Farm

Nat and Jono from Brooklands Free Range Farm are two beautiful and busy people from Balampied. You may know Nat from her other fabulous business from Rub A Dub natural skin care products, you will see her at quality markets in our region. Jono and Nats run an ethical and sustainable free range farm in Blampied raising rare breed Berkshire pigs, British White cattle and Finn Sheep. Their ethical meat range attracts a regular loyal base which includes a lot of Ballarat chefs who come to Jiggety for Brooklands beef, pork and lamb.

Ballaratfood Sebastian Jurcan
Sebastian Jurcan from Country Style Smallgoods

Sebastian Jurcan from Country Style Smallgoods. Sebastian developed his unique charcuterie skills at Istra and in recent times has established his own business in Bald Hills where he creates the best sausages, salamis, ham and bacon in the region. Once you have tried his sausages you will struggle to go back to supermarket sausages again.

Ballaratfood Daniel Tarna Valley
Daniel Armeni from Tarna Valley Farm

This year’s Nature’s Cargo Paddock to Plate award winner for a business under two years, here’s Daniel pictured receiving his award. Mandy and Daniel Armeni from Tarna Valley Farm in Cape Clear raise rare breed pigs in a free range natural environment. These guys are producing some of the best quality pork in the region. Those in the know use Tarna Valley Pork including Country Style Smallgoods and Catfish Thai.

Ballarat Food The Preservers Pot
Mel and John Davey from the preservers Pot.

Mel and John Davey from The Preservers Pot are producing the best fruit based products in Ballarat. Based in Smythesdale the Preserver’s Pot create a delectable range of seasonal artisan preserves, jams, syrups and sauces, handmade and preservative free. If you are looking for something special to add to your Basilio bread or to accompany a special platter or meat dishes Mel and John will have something seasonal made from local vegetables and fruit forages including wild blackberry syrup, melon and pineapple jam and fig jam.

Ballaratfood Yendon Tomatoes
John Elford from Yendon Tomatoes.

John Elford from Yendon Gourmet Tomatoes has been growing tomatoes for 15 years in Yendon, just a few minutes east of Ballarat. His range includes tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, capsicum, basil and strawberries. John took out this year’s 2016 Nature’s Cargo Paddock to Plate award for a business over 2 years. He has perfected his produce using hydroponic techniques and the flavour of his tomatoes have to be tasted to be believed. Yendon tomatoes are the freshest you can buy in Ballarat.

These are a handful of some of the regular Jigetty-Jiggers - more to come.

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Yendon Truss TomatoesAward winning Yendon tomatoes

I knew we were going to have a wonderful time at Taste Ballarat at the Rural Lifestyle Expo the moment I walked into the giant marquee. In a setting made for celebrations, we gathered together our regions finest quality producers to share a day filled with food, food and more food. Who could not have a good time in a big white marquee filled with beautiful light, lots of smiling faces and AMAZING produce?

Sultana ClustersSultana Girl gourmet sultana clusters

Suzi Pork Demo
Suzi Fitzpatrick shows us how to prepare Tarna Valley pork

The Taste Ballarat Marquee was emcee’d by wonder-chef duo Suzi Fitzpatrick and Simon Beaton with special guest The Weekly Times’ Jeremy Vincent. Suzi and Simon are true supporters of the real food movement in Ballarat. They focus on quality food, ethical and sustainable practices and they strengthen the community by supporting our local producers. They shared with us their extensive knowledge regarding the quality aspects of the food in our region and how to prepare it.

Taste Ballarat
Jeremy Vincent, Daniel Armeni and Simon Beaton

The guys responsible for some of the best meat in our region were on hand to share with us their mad skills and passion for real food. Tarna Valley’s Daniel Armeni on the knives breaking down a carcass, Brooklands Free Range Farm’s Jono and Salt Kitchen’s Mick Nunn on the mic giving us the lowdown on all things meat and Sebastian Jurcan at the BBQ sizzling his freshly made sausages lured locals into the marquee in record numbers.

Carcass Breakdown
Jeremy Vincent, Simon Beaton, Mick Nunn, Jono, Sebastian Jurcan and Daniel Armeni (in the foreground) 

Following the meat frenzy it was time to hone our techniques as we were shown how to make a tasty tomato passata and truly great gnocchi by some of our best chefs and most experienced Italian cooks from the Italian Society. The winner of the Gnocchi Off competition was announced, Liam Downes from Craig’s Hotel took out the prize, although it was not an easy task for the judges to decide with so many tasty contenders. The Junior Tomato competition was awarded to the Madden sisters with their pork passata submission.

Passata Demo

Gnocchi Judging
Judging the gnocchi

To complete one of the tastiest days in recent memory we announced our Artisan Pantry and Paddock to Plate Awards. So without further ado here are the winners for 2016.

Artisan Pantry Award:  Basilio Sourdough

Artisan Pantry Award 01
Pauline Basilio from Basilio Sourdough accepting the 2016 Artisan Pantry Award

Paddock to Plate Awards Business over 2 years: 1st Yendon Tomatoes 

P2P John Yendon TomatoesJohn Elford from Yendon Tomatoes accepting the Paddock to Plate Award from Graham Wilkie from Natures Cargo 

Paddock to Plate Awards Business over 2 years: 2nd  Country Style Smallgoods

P2P Sebastian CSSSebastian Jurcan from Country Style Smallgoods accepting the Paddock to Plate Second Place Award from Graham Wilkie from Natures Cargo

Paddock to Plate Awards Business over 2 years: 3rd  Basilio Sourdough bread

P2P Pauline BasilioPauline Basilio from Basilio Sourdough accepting the Paddock to Plate Third Place Award from Graham Wilkie from Natures Cargo

Paddock to Plate Awards Business under 2 years:  1st Tarna Valley Farm

P2P Brian Daniel Tarna ValleyDaniel Armeni from Tarna Valley Pork accepting the Paddock to Plate Award from Graham Wilkie from Natures Cargo

Paddock to Plate Awards Business over 2 years: 2nd Sultana Girl

P2P Erin Sultana Girl 01Erin Jonasson THE Sultana Girl accepting the Paddock to Plate Second Place Award from Graham Wilkie from Natures Cargo

Paddock to Plate Awards Business over 2 years: 3rd  Harmony Garlic

P2P Brian Harmony Garlic
Brian Woodstock accepting the Paddock to Plate Award from Graham Wilkie from Natures Cargo

Congratulations to everyone who submitted the their produce for this year’s event. It was all of such fantastic quality. It thrills us to see how quickly the Ballarat region has become renowned for it's exceptional produce.

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ballaratfood suzi fitzpatrick

The Rural life style expo is on again this weekend, I do believe it’s the 5th year for this Ag-stravaganza! For Ballarat Food it’s the third year and we are looking forward to presenting to Ballarat a snapshot of exceptional produce in our region and quite an incredible selection of tasty treats just outside the Taste of Ballarat Marquee.

Friday morning Simon Beaton of Mr Beaton’s Cookery and the Executive chef of the Ballarat North Sports Club, Graham Willkie managing director and owner of Nature’s Cargo and Jodie Kaine and myself of will gather in the ‘Ladies’ room at the showgrounds for a cup of lovely tea and three hours of tasting the best of the region’s produce. Thanks to all the farmers, producers and foodies who have entered the Paddock to Plate and the Artisian Pantry awards this year. For those of you whom are planning to join us in the food Marquee you are in for a treat.

See you at Rural Lifestyle Exp2016

This Saturday the 2nd of April the festivities will kick off at 9.30. Entry to the show grounds in $10 for adults and $5 for children. Good value family tickets are also available and there are many farmy things to check out. The food component is only one section. Get ready for Big tractors, 50 breeds of live farm animals, a kid’s shed full of activities, food, fibre and fashion, gardening and guestspeakers, U Beaute country folk like the Expo’s Ambassador Gorgi Coghlan.

The Taste Ballarat Marquee will have its own agenda. MCs for the day are the usual suspects, Simon Beaton and I will be joined by celebrity chef Jeremy Vincent, food writer and food contributor at The Weekly Times.

Bring your shopping trolley as Jiggety-Jig Farmers Market stall holders will also be there to sell and share their food story. Ballarat loves our meat and you can meet four superstar butchers and watch them break down a pork and lamb carcass and learn all the tips and tricks; where your favourite cuts come from, how they may be cooked, seasoned and aged.

ballaratfood sebastian and daniel

Sebastian Jurcan of Country Style Smallgoods, Daniel Armeni of Tarna Valley Pork, Mick Nunn of Salt Kitchen and Jono from Brookland Freerange Farm will be working the BBQ and Mel Davies from the Preservers pot will be there with her incredible locally foraged preserves, jams, curds and tomato sauce.

Janet from Cheeselink is one of my favourite festival characters at The Rural Lifestyle Expo and in the past Janet has made feta and ricotta fresh on the stage before our eyes. If it’s something to go with your cheese you are after we have Sultana Girl a local Victorian organic farmer. Erin who is immensely popular at our local farmers markets with her incredible organic oranges that she brings from tree to market. Erin will be showcasing her newest product, Clusters, sultanas that are dried on the vine and are the perfect foil with a good cheddar, an oozy brie and a sexy smelly blue. Erin will also have her sheet dried and vine ripened sultanas available by the kilogram or smaller for the kid’s lunch packs.

Harmony garlic were one of the winners of last year’s Paddock to Plate awards and have come back this year with an amazing range of value added products. Pantry staples like Garlic salt, garlic infused oils, smoked and comfit garlic. The range of locally grown varieties is amazing, anyone who has a bit of a garlic addiction could spend hours with the lovely Brian and Helen just talking about the nuances of each country’s garlic from the Italian whites to the purple Spanish varietys and our own Aussie cloves too.

Pink Muesli makes a super food exploding brekkie mix that is soaked in beetroot juice and then roasted till crisp and nutty in flavour. I love this product as it has no sugar added and the milk goes bright pink when poured over the muesli. The kids think it so very cool. And guess what? It’s really good for them. It’s so yummy it also makes a great health snack or teamed with seasonal fruit and good yoghurt it’s a meal when you are strapped for time and still want to tick the healthy box.

4 Season Juice is an incredible local food adventure, Alicia is my official go to girl for health, her cold pressed juices are packed with vitamin, minerals and healing properties, the fibre is still present and the taste is incredible the nutrients stay activated for 72 hours once sealed in her glass bottles. Turmeric are new exhibitors that I’m looking forward to learning more about especially when considering the health giving nature and anti-bacterial properties of this vibrant yellow rhizome.

Basillio Sourdough,Yendon Tomatoes,Gorae Organics, Ballarat Mushroom Farm and Camilo Olives will tantalise your taste buds and then there’s the eating exhibition. Watch us, gather and consume at least one treat from these mobile food dudes; Esther’s Eats, Bean Me Up Coffee, Knife Fork Spoon, Alia Lebanese, The Charcoal Pit Spit Roaster, Finesse Catering with old school lemonade, Timboon Ice cream, Luigi’s Gelati, The Forge, Zed and Co Porky yummos, Red Duck Beer and Ned Kelly Winery.

We’ll be judging the awesome entries of the Gnocchi Off and the Junior Tomato Sauce Competition. It’s great to see the kids creating some excellent dishes and embracing a whole food ethos. Here’s one of the Junior Tomato entries that melted out hearts.

Tomato Entry

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Rural Lifestyle Expo logo 2015 Horizontal

Save the date Saturday April 2nd 2016 The Rural Lifestyle Expo is on again at the Ballarat Showgrounds from 9:30am to 5pm. This is the fifth Rural Lifestyle Expo event which is set to showcase a variety of lifestyle activities from the region.

The event is a great chance to check out a variety of unique and interesting breeds of animals, over 50 demonstrations and seminars, new technology, sustainable energy, garden zones, fibre and fashion and food artisans and vignerons.

The Rural Lifestyle Expo is a fantastic opportunity for food producers, chefs, cooks, artisans and anyone with a food business to share your product and skills to an audience looking to sample some of the quality foodie activities taking place in our region. Featured below are some of the food businesses at last year's expo.

enbom honeyAngela Enbom from Enbom Honey

gorae applesThe Gorae Organics team with their organic apples

charisma boysThe Charisma team with their awesome coffee

saltbush kitchenSaltbush Kitchen

organic juiceOrganic Juice

zandcoandboysZ and Co Freerange Farms

Applications are now being accepted for food artisan stalls showcasing everything from bread, pastries and baked goods, pigs, cows, poultry, lamb, game, water creatures, yabbies, eels, trout, fruit, vegetables, spices, herbs, edible flowers, condiments, preserves, coffee, chocolate, chocolate, olives, oil and honey. So don’t delay secure your place in this amazing expo showcasing the best of all things edible in Ballarat and surrounds.

Visit the Rural Lifestyle website to download an general trade stall kit to apply.

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ballaratfood bake off

Are you a canny cake maker? Do you have a penchant for pastry? This is a call out to home bakers in the Ballarat region. The Great Australian Bake Off, a show on LifeStyle FOOD hosted by Maggie Beer and Matt Moran. The casting team are currently casting for the second series and are on the lookout for Australia's best home bakers.

Maggie and Matt Bake Off

The Great Australian Bake Off screens on Foxtel’s LifeStyle FOOD and profiles 12 home baking enthusiasts who are put through a series of mouthwatering challenges. From biscuits to bread, pies to pavlovas are you ready to step into The Bake Off Shed, throw on your apron and have your bakes judged by the Baroness of the Barossa, Maggie Beer and culinary genius Matt Moran?


The Great Australian Bake Off is seeking amateur bakers of all ages, both male and female, and from all walks of life to apply. If you’re a star baker in the making, apply here for the 2016 The Great Australian Bake Off. Applications close February 24.

We’d also love to showcase your baking output on the instagram gallery. Upload your images on instagram using #ballaratfood

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Ballaratfood Meigas MeatballsMeigas tapas; Spanish meatballs in almond sauce

In the short time Jose’ Fernandez has been serving his authentic Spanish fare in Ballarat, since September 2013, he has amassed a large following and we have been patiently waiting since late 2015 for the new Meigas establishment to open. We are thrilled that the wait is over and we are now able to enjoy tapas and a wide variety of Spanish beer and wine in a very stylish and relaxing setting located at 33 Armstrong Street north, Ballarat.

Ballaratfood Meigas dinersMeigas Spanish restaurant located in Armstrong Street north Ballarat

In what must have been an enormous undertaking, Jose’ and his team have completely refitted the location to create a truly Spanish Tapas Bar setting, replete with original wooden ceilings, exposed walls and cured meats hanging above the bar. One can dine at the tables or alternatively sit at the bar or at the bench in the window to enjoy a drink with tapas or coffee and churros.

Ballaratfood Meigas teamMeigas staff Darcy and Kloe-Jayne

Meigas Spanish restaurant is one of the highest rated Ballarat eateries on Zomato, currently rating 4.3 out of 5 with over 245 reviews. This is quite a feat. It speaks of a consistent quality offering, the likes of which you will not find anywhere else in Ballarat. In fact many diners make the trip regularly from Melbourne to dine at Meigas, its just so good.

Ballaratfood Meigas PotatoesSpanish potato tapas

Fans of the original Meigas menu will not be disappointed as all the traditional favourites are still on offer, the giant, crunchy and fresh brocadillos for lunch with your choice of filling from jamon, pork, chorizo, calamari…the list goes on. The tapas favourites include almond meatballs, mushrooms in sherry, tasty prawns, croquettes, paprika potatoes and the best quality cured meats, olives and aged cheeses you will find in our region. There’s plenty of meal sized options on the menu but Jose’s paella is a must for anyone planning a trip for dinner, but you must order your paella when you make your booking. You will understand why when you are served, it’s just so special.

Jose’ has a specials menu where he offers seasonal dishes and a variety of seafood dishes. He also supports the quality fine food producers of Ballarat including bread from Le Petit Patissier and a great variety of Country Style Smallgoods range. There’s also options for gluten free and vegan diets.

meigas gummysharkGummy shark tapas

The drinks menu is brilliant. It has evolved to an offering of delightful Spanish beers and wines. If you after something refreshing you can order Sangria by the glass, which I did. It was divine. The waiting staff are fantastic, knowledgable and efficient. A highlight always when we are served by Jose’, welcoming us with a big smile and some tasty morsels to try. This time it was three year aged jamon. The sweetest tasting jamon we ever tried. Of course we ordered a second plate.

ballaratfood jamonThree year aged jamon

After dining at Meigas many times I think about what exactly it is, that makes the Meigas dining experience so good. After all many of the key ingredients are staples, bread, meat, potatoes. I think it is the traditional time honoured techniques Jose’ uses to prepare the freshest and best quality food he can source. You can taste it. It’s a respectful approach to food with such full bodied flavour and delightful texture. And then there’s Pimenton. 

Ballaratfood PimentonA Spanish staple ingredient - pimenton

Quality paprika, or as the Spanish call it Pimenton, one of the essential ingredients in Spanish cooking. I bought a large tin from Jose’ (the supermarket offerings do not compare) I use it in most savoury dishes I prepare in my own kitchen. Thank you Jose’ for bringing your magical culinary powers to our fair city.

Meigas are open Tues-Wed 5pm-9pm, Thurs-Sat 11am-9pm & Sun 11am-3pm. It is highly recommended you call to make a booking to avoid disapointment, 5331 9444.
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mel preserverspotMel Davey from The Preserver's Pot

WHAT’S YOUR THING? Traditional Handcrafted Preserves

PHONE 0409 414 825






Mel Davey started making preserves about 20 years ago after spending time watching and helping her Auntie from Warrenheip make jam from homegrown plums and foraged blackberries.

Mel has a background in hospitality and has been making preserves to share with family and friends for a long time. John Davey, Mel's husband now joins Mel in their home based business. Together they have turned a hobby into a great business success.

No preservatives or additives are used, only traditional methods of preserving. Mel has been inspired by past generations. The Preservers Pot recipes are from family, friends and some new creations inspired by the seasonal produce.

Mel and John are great supporters of the locavore and slow food movement and they truly live the ethos that anything made with produce from your own backyard always tastes the best.

ballaratfood caulipicklesThe Preserver's Pot Cauliflower Mustard Pickles


We held a workshop titled "Jam Making for Beginners" at The Diggers Club Garden of St. Erth in Blackwood. It was a great experience and was well attended by like-minded people wanting to share their love of preserving and learning new skills. We took our equipment and made Raspberry Jam and sent home a recipe and little sample jar with each person.

In 2014 we had a fantastic result with our entries in the Ballarat show. The Preservers Pot took out many awards with their locally made produce.

This year Mel and John are focusing on establishing their edible garden to supply home-grown produce for the Preservers Pot preserves.

ballaratfood saucesTomato and Worcestershire Sauces from The Preserver's Pot


The Preserver’s Pot create so many classic and interesting variations of jams, preserves, jellies, chutneys and pickles it’s hard to choose. It’s such a seasonal thing, there’s something for everybody’s pallette, sweet and savoury.

preserverspot assortmentDamson Fruit Cheese

JAMS apple & raspberry, apple & blackberry, apricot, spiced pear & blueberry, strawberry rhubarb & vanilla, banana, Mirabelle plum & pineapple and cherry vanilla
PRESERVES feijoa and fig
MARMALADES breakfast, Seville orange, cumquat and Ruby grapefruit
JELLIES quince, crab apple
FRUIT CHEESES & PASTES Damson fruit cheese, quince paste
CHUTNEY tomato, fruit and beetroot
PICKLES cauliflower mustard, sweet mustard and zucchini
RELISH red capsicum
SAUCE tomato and Worcestershire plum

preserverspot JohnandMelThe Preserver's Pot - John & Mel Davey


The Preservers Pot has a large local following with many cafes and restaurants in the region stocking and serving The Preserver’s Pot produce.

The Preservers Pot is also a favourite produce offering at The Jiggety-Jig farmers market where Mel and John are always bringing new seasonal creations along to sell along with their classic favourites.

You can also enquire via the website www.the

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ballaratfood kfs buttermilk pancakesButtermilk pancakes, roasted Granny Smith apple, gingered maple, ANZAC crumble and marscarpone. 

The colourful foodie creations of Knife Fork Spoon first came to my attention last year on instagram, then again in November as a part of the Good Food Ballarat Month with a sweet evening event, Dessert after dark. It soon became my mission to find out more about the newly rebranded cafe Knife From Spoon, many may previously recall as the Harvest Foodstore and Cafe, located at 16 Lydiard Street Ballarat.

ballaratfood kylee laird churchKylee Laird-Church chef and owner of Knife Fork Spoon.

Kylee Laird-Church the chef owner of Knife Fork Spoon has an extensive culinary background. She commenced her chef training as a seventeen year old at the Mayfair Crest Hotel in Brisbane, she was one of two females in a brigade of one hundred. After developing her skills in Queensland Kylee relocated to Melbourne in 2000. She was completely ‘shell shocked’ at the amount and variety of fresh produce available in Victoria compared to Queensland, where most fresh produce (if you could call it that) came via Melbourne and two weeks of every year inaccessible roads ceased the supply of any fresh produce at all.

After six years in Melbourne Kylee headed north again to start her own cafe and catering businesses Betty Blue and a second business Lemon Tart. After a hectic decade of running two highly successful enterprises and raising small children Kylee and her husband have relocated their family to Ballarat and Knife Fork and Spoon came to life. Kylee and her family are loving their move to Ballarat. Stating, “I like the fact my kids get to see where our food comes from.” 

ballaratfood knifeforkspoonKnife Fork Spoon Kitchen & Espresso, 16 Lydiard Street Ballarat.

Six months on knife Fork Spoon is a hub of foodie activity. The tables are busy, so much so Kylee is planning to expand the layout to keep up with demand. The cafe attracts a mixed assortment of customers from locals to tourists who have already made it a destination on their itinerary due to the word of mouth spreading the message that this place offers unique and tasty dishes.

Kylee is always coming up with new combinations of flavours and ingredients to serve to her growing fan base. The menu at Knife Fork Spoon changes every month to cater for the local seasonal produce and as an outlet for Kylee’s creative output. Kyle is constantly thinking up new food combinations, she documents her ideas on Post-it notes then experiments to refine them for the public. I asked Kylie where she finds inspirations for some of the dishes and she is quick to respond that many creations start as a challenge for her husband. “He likes all sorts of weird combinations.” She is yet to create a dish he didn’t like.

ballaratfood kfs gingerbreadmanKnife fork Spoon gingerbread man.

Knife Fork Spoon caters to sweet and savoury fans. Some of the items on the latest menu include some classic dishes with some quirky twists:
Baby Peas - Spiced avocado, mint, Danish feta, soft poached egg, olive sourdough and caponata oil.
Cheesy Toast - Crispy bacon, smashed banana, fried eggs, sweet chilli agile and sour cream.
Pulled Pork - Apple slaw, coriander fried egg, pineapple and lime salsa, ciabatta and salted peanuts.
Smoked salmon - herb scramble, rye sourdough, lemon cream cheese, flying fish roe and fried capers.

ballaratfood kns ceasersalad
Caeser Eggs - bacon, spinach, soft poached, toast, Caeser aoli and shaved parmesan.

There’s an entire menu board of milkshakes, salted caramel, peanut butter and chocolate, oreo, white chocolate and raspberry, nutella, peppermint chic chip, and it’s changing regularly.

ballaratfood kfs insta
#knifeforkspoonkitchen on instagram or facebook to find out what amazing fare Kylee has on offer.

2016 is set to be a busy year for Kylee and her husband. As they expand the floorspace in Knife Fork Spoon to cater for the growing base of regulars, Kylee will continue to do what she does best coming up with new menu additions on a regular basis. She also has plans underway to offer coffee and cakes via an enchanted caravan fleet. Her husband is currently managing the logistics of fitting out two caravans Belmont and Clementine the first additions to the fleet for early this year. Stay tuned Ballarat.

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ballaratfood happynewyear

We would like to wish everyone a happy new year. It’s been a spectacularly busy year on the Ballarat food scene. We saw the arrival of some fabulous food enterprises. We also celebrated many classic Ballarat food businesses who continue to create beautiful food.

We are lucky enough to be a part of an exciting phase in local food production in the Ballarat region. We have more quality producers, makers, artisans, chefs and foodies in store for 2016. Stay tuned.

A big thank you to all the supporters of Ballarat food, too many to mention in this post. It is thanks to your generosity and hard work that have helped us to create the Ballarat Food network. A sharing community of like minded people, who work hard and create a level of excellence of which we are proud. We will continue to support each other as we celebrate the excellence of food and wine in our region in 2016.If you are member or participant in our Ballarat food network, please fee free to leave a comment on this very last post of 2015.

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jonathon hamilton copyworx


Sustainable, quality and local printing and packaging solutions for food businesses.

NAME Jonathon Hamilton

ADDRESS 1101B La Trobe Street Ballarat, Vic 3356

CONTACT NUMBER 03 5379 9722





Jonathan has a background in the Navy, maintaining helicopters and a few years ago settled in Ballarat and established Copyworx, Think Green, a printing solutions business in Daylesford. Now Jonathon has established a Ballarat business location at 1101B La Trobe Street Ballarat, specifically designed to service Ballarat food businesses with a large range of printing and packaging services specialising in glass packaging and labelling.

copyworx MaxandDelilah Range

copyworx MandD Lid


Jonathon’s business was established with a print focus and after servicing a lot of customers who required food labelling he has been able to extend his offering to packaging also. Now many producers can have their labels designed and produced along with the a wide range of glass and plastic containers specifically tailored to their requirements. Previously many of Jonathon’s clients could only source their specific type of glass jars and containers from Melbourne at a competitive price, which added time and cost to the process.



Our label finishing system can produce labels on a continuous roll from 25mm to 208mm, digitally die-cut on eco friendly stock. Used in conjunction with our glass bottles and jars we create a high quality, sustainable form of packaging that our clients love.

copyworx jonaifarms jar

copyworx cooks treat range


We cater to a variety customers from small batch producers to large scale business, we have a range of printing stock to suit all requirements and eco-solvent inks which are waterproof and non-hazardous.

We provide all sorts of products from business cards and labels to large format signs on aluminium composite, A frame signs and outdoor canvas banners. 

Anyone looking for quality glass packaging including preserving jars, cosmetic jars, wine bottles, oil bottles and sauce bottles.

Copyworx Oil Bottle

If you are not sure you can always come in to our showroom in La Trobe Street and discuss your product with Jonathon and his team to see what options they can provide to suit your budget. “We are a local business supporting other businesses in our region, we are flexible and can undertake small minimum runs and make changes without extra costs.”

Cooks Treat Passata

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The last market for Spring this year was a bumper showcase of beautiful fresh local produce and what started as a cold, windy and overcast morning turned into a beautiful sunny day and people came from far and wide to taste some authentic local fare.

The stars of the show were the Eat Ballarat inspired gourmet creations of Georgio Basilio and Sebastian Jurcan. We were so excited when Georgio first shared with us his plans to create a roasted potato sourdough loaf for the event. Likewise Sebastian from Country Style Smallgoods using Saltbush Kitchen’s native pepperberry spice in a gourmet sausage creation to compliment Suzi Fitzpatrick’s onion thyme jus (gravy) and the crusty potato sourdough.

Interest in this tasty collaboration took us by surprise, only last week it was still an idea. Made swiftly by experienced makers using the freshest ingredients the night before they launched to the public.

Saturday morning crates of oven warm roast potato sourdough were delivered to the Ballarat Showgrounds pavilion and the sausages arrived in the back of the Country Style Smallgoods refrigerated trailer. Minutes after their arrival the snags were sizzling and the loaves were being snapped up whole by locals before we could get them sliced to serve with the sausages.

It was a sizzling sausage serving marathon, over three hours until we ran out of product, just after midday. It was at this moment I thought, “Drat!” I did not even get a chance to take a photograph of this tasty sensation that tempted people from far and wide.

Perhaps the roasted potato sourdough and pepperberry banger with onion thyme gravy will be remembered only by those who were there, who took the time to come and support our little foodie experiment. It’s enough to get us thinking about the December 19th Jiggety-Jig Farmer’s Market.

We are already brainstorming the next localised dish we can collaborate with producers to have ready for our Ballarat foodies next month. It will be the first market for summer a week before Christmas, it’s going to be tasty.

We welcome suggestions in the comments below about what you think would be a great food idea for the next Jiggety, we’re open to ideas as long as it’s fresh and local. Thankyou to everyone who has supported the Jiggety- Jig, it's a regular tribute to the amazing food in our area made possible by the people supporting Ballaratfood. 




mel preserverspot



jono brooklands



Save the Date Jiggety -Jig Saturday December 19th 9am-1pm at the Ballarat Showgrounds.

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ballaratfood jiggety gang

The Ballarat Food Jiggety Jig Farmers market began in June 2015. Held on the third Saturday of every month at the Ballarat Showgrounds, in the Cattle Pavilion, Creswick Road entrance. The impetus to create this regular monthly market was twofold, to offer an outlet for local producers to sell their quality produce in the community where it is grown and produced and to give local families the chance to access some of the very best quality fresh produce at reasonable prices.

Ballarat families want to know more about the food they eat. Eating habits are changing across the country. Sales of processed, prepackaged foods are declining, sales of soft drink are falling. A lot of us are seeking more nutritionally balanced diets and we’re looking for fresh local, seasonal produce to make more tasty family meals from scratch. In doing this we are becoming more connected with our community.

The Jiggety-Jig Saturday November 21st is a part of the Good Food Ballarat Festival, a showcase of our region’s best quality produce. It’s all about the food. The local producers include; Basilio Sourdough, Goldfields Farmhouse Cheese, Country Style Smallgoods, Tarna Valley Pork, Brooklands Free Range Farm, Enbom Honey, Yendon Tomatoes, The Gardenologist’s herbs and seedlings, The Preserver’s Pot, Mt Egerton Vegetable Produce, The Pomegranate Tree gourmet cordials, Granate Hills Produce duck eggs, chicken eggs and vegetables, Drewslie Muesli and biscuits, Enga Coffee, Red Rock Olives, Bean Me Up Coffee, Sultana Girl sultanas and oranges, Truffleberry Farm truffles and eggs, Michael Unwin Wines, Cornish Cream Fudge, Chaplin Apples, Sweet Cake Love, Kittelty’s Cakes, Tea Harvest and Fresh Flowers.

ballaratfood GFB

To celebrate Good Food Ballarat Month we will be serving a tasty gourmet treat that will perfectly reflect the favourite flavours of Ballarat. Based on two key ingredients that are a perenial Ballarat favourite, potatoes and sausages.

We briefed local artisans Georgio Basilio from Basilio Sourdough and Sebastian Jurcan from Country Style Smallgoods to create a unique Ballarat variation of the humble sausage in bread. Inspired by Ballarat’s produce icon the potato, Georgio will be baking fresh potato sourdough loaves for the base. To a thick and crusty slice of Georgio’s potato bread we will add a gourmet pepperberry pork sausage made by Sebastian.

Inspired by the unique native flavours of Saltbush Kitchen’s most popular pepperberry spice mix, he will add this to his secret family recipe along with fresh free range pork from Tarna Valley to create succulent (nitrate and preservative free) sausages. Topped with onions caramelised in a thyme jus, or as we prefer to call it in Ballarat - gravy, made by our very own Ballarat chef Suzi Fitzpatrick. We are so excited to showcase traditional Ballarat fare infused with fresh native flavours, made from quality produce ethically grown in Ballarat. For $5 we think this will be a very tasty lunch for locals.

We will also be serving smaller Country Style Smallgoods chipolatas in slices of Basilio traditional sourdough bread with The Preserver’s Pot tomato sauce for $2. Guaranteed to please the kids and completely free of preservatives and nitrates. Come along to Jiggety-Jig check out the variety of great tasting food being made and grown in our own local food bowl. Meet the producers and find out why Jiggety-Jig is shopped by Ballarat’s best chefs. The quality is top notch and you will be surprised at how affordable it is to buy fresh local food. The event kicks off at 9am and entry is free.

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